Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Power of One Ch. 12-15 -- "This I Believe"

Mozart Could Laugh by Walter H. Anneberg:
In the essay" Mozart Could Laugh," Walter H. Anneberg expresses to the reader how music, God, and laughter brought him happiness. From a young age Annerberg describes himself as independent, everything from his beliefs about God to how he copes with his tragedies in life he does alone. Although he is self reliant he also believes that he should not be completely credited for his work in music composition. "I do not know what it is, but as God has often been kinder to me than I deserve, I like to think that all this has something to do with Him."  Anneberg also stresses the need of laughter as he descirbes our world as "sad." "Mozart tonight sleeps in an unmarked paupers grave. Hard was his life and a veritable financial catastrophe. Yet this divinely perfect of all musicians knew how to laugh." He finishes with sharing with us the advice he gave to his own son: the importance of having a good sense of humor" 
Walter H. Anneberg stated, "I believe in God mostly because I have come around to believing in him all by myself. Nobody helped me."  The born-again Christians are opposite to Annerberg. Peekay says,"The born-again Christians were all working hard for their segregated mansions in heaven." Each of them spent their days attempting to convert non believers into their religion; it was thought the more followers you gained the greater your place in heaven will be.  Music plays am important role Anneberg's life. His relationship with his music is almost congruent to the relationship Doc has. On the night of the concert Peekay describes the prison as being different; "The feeling of despair was not in the air. The sad grounds ahd been ceased. The thoughts of people were calm. Both mean believe that music can unite the world and can console people while grieving. " (pg. 285) The tribes united in the music as they relieved their racial tensions and sought happiness to "the sad world" that they live in.
Since kindergarten having a personal and active faith in God was a goal that I was taught to live by while attending my elementary school. Like Annerberg I was not pressured, yet I encouraged to find God on my own. I believe that because no one was telling me what to believe or attempting to engrave the gospel and their beliefs into me I was able to become more open and aware of where God is for me and how we relate. Through my years I have dicoveredt that whenever I sing whether it be in the shower or in a choir I feel God's glory. I believe that through music you can find happiness and joy even when you are dealing with sorrow. When I first joined my school choir in 2nd grade our choir director led us in prayer then she told us, "when we sing it is like praying twice."  Each year she told the same quote although it got repetitive after a while I felt eventually realized that everytime I raised my voice I felt as if I was praying. Whether through the joy of the song or even an intention I held in my heart while I sang, I knew that God would be listening. 

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