Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Power of One Ch. 10-11 Discussion reflection

In class we were separated into small groups to discuss themes and topics in Chapter's 10-11.
Assignment: write a blog post reflection on what you discussed. 

         Marisa, Sandro, Ryan Weir and I focused our discussion on the impact Peekay's mentors have on him, and what kind of impact Peekay has on other people. Our conversation kept flowing back to how Geel Piet's, and Doc's example and teachings are molding Peekay into the person he will become. While we talked about Geel Piet we were able to break down and discuss the misconception that he was a bad person, or even a bad influence on Peekay. When we talked about Doc we mostly compared and contrasted him with Geel Piet. Some of us made the conclusion that Doc is a mentor and a friend while Giel Piet is just a mentor. Then we talked about the influence that Peekay was having on other people such as Doc, Giel Piet, the guards, his mother, and especially the black prisoners. We spent another large portion of time discussing and trying to interpret the name Tadpole Angel and how Peekay relates to it.  We concluded that the name which was given by the black prisoners symbolized that he is their saviour which gives them hope that Africa will survive the "drought." We then discussed what we thought the "drought" was being referred to. We figured that it was the on going battles between the many groups in Africa. My group was able to touch all the topics and were productive in the time given. We were able to further develop our ideas and even create some new questions that are worth thinking about as we continue reading.   

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